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SILA, Dach, Spitzdach, made in germany, Filz
Kindermöbel | nachhaltig | made in germany | Multifunktionsmöbel
Kindermöbel | nachhaltig | made in germany | Multifunktionsmöbel


The armchair is the starter of our SILA acoustic furniture system

SKU: TSL1-102

The very easy structure of SILA

The base is a 30 mm thick multiplex board with wooden legs onto which stable white metal rods are screwed. The wall elements made of wool felt are pushed onto this and wooden elements are screwed into the poles as a finishing touch. A roof can be placed on four poles. Several SILA elements are held together by multiplex connectors. Everything is child’s play to assemble, change or expand!

Dampen noises!

Looking at picture books, concentrating on games in peace or just dreaming – that works perfectly in the SILA armchair, because the wool felt walls offer acoustic quiet zones. With a laid-on SILA woolfelt roof it becomes even more homely and even quieter!


  • stable base plate made of 30 mm multiplex, HPL coated
  • side walls with 820 g wool felt, easy to clean or dry cleaning
  • insulates ambient noise in the room
  • shields noise from the outside
  • easy to build and changeable
  • pillows also available separately
material: wool felt, HPL, lacquerded beech
height (cm): 99
base plate (cm):
height felt wall: 75,5
width (cm): 62
depth (cm): 62
load (kg): 200
places to use: library, kindergarten, public places

Available downloads:

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Tim Schinkel
SILA reduces these sounds in the room and provides wonderfully quiet retreats for children!
Tim Schinkel

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