The mobile changing table without fixed mounting | beneficial for hotels & resorts

Our product “MOWI” is different from all other timkid changing tables. The “MOWI” trolley is simply pushed where it is needed for changing nappies. It can be opened in just a few steps. The result is a sturdy changing table with a comfortable surface for changing nappies of 73.5 x 60cm. The changing mat is fastened with Velcro strips and is therefore immediately in the right place after setting up. The side “jags” provide side protection and can also be used to attach a bag for baby care products.

After changing nappies, MOWI can simply be folded away again and, thanks to the rollers, simply moved to a different place. It is ideal for hotel rooms or holiday resorts. If you have families with babies as guests, just provide them with the mobile changing table.

If the mobile changing table is not needed you can store it very space-saving. When folded, it only has a depth of 14cm.


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