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Hooray timkid is 20 years old

In 1995 Sabine and Tim went through the furniture stores looking for something nice for their first child.



It was hair-raising! The baby beds looked like prisons and Sabine and Tim didn´t like the shape and material either.


 Tim went to his workshop and built some furniture himself, which everyone was enthusiastic about.



Tim, the designer and the occupational therapist were the perfect team to develop ergonomic children´s furniture together



In the beginning was the “egg”!



And so timkid was founded in 2000.


  Many more pieces of furniture were soon added. Tim always thought of something new.



In order to show all the beautiful timkid furniture Tim and Sabine showed them on many fairs.


 Even in Japanese children and adults wanted to sit on timkid chairs.


 The space was getting too small and anew company building had to be built in 2008!



For the tavi play-table Tim was even given a prize!



Over time more and more people wanted timkid´s practical wall changing tables..



…and that´s why you can now find them everywhere!



Of course, everything is tried out by children and adults, so that it works the way Tim and Sabine came up with it.


 All materials of timkid furniture are examined in a laboratory..


 …and if everything is ok, the changing tables get a TTÜV+ GS seal!


  Today four people work in the office and four assemble the timkid furniture in the production


 From Dömitz the children´s furniture is then brought all over the world!


 We are very happy that timkid has been around for 20 years.

We like to thank all our friends, suppliers, customers and employees who have given us active support for so long.




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Hooray timkid is 20 years old

In July 2000 we started our company timkid. We would have liked to have celebrated that big, but that had to be postponed ... Our daughter Paula, who was the reason for the development of our children's furniture, designed this little book about the 20 years of timkid ...

Importance of the TÜV certificates of timkid wall-mounted changing tables

All foldable changing tables we offer in our shop have been tested by TÜV Thüringen and meet the test requirements for wall mounted changing tables. As a manufacturer, we make sure that our products can be used without problems in public areas and day care facilities.

Timkid on the Sirha in France

At the beginning of the year timkid went on tour with a bulging truck heading for Lyon on Europe's largest gastronomy fair!